Safety controllers

controllori modulari

Mosaic is a modular, configurable safety controller for protecting machines or plants.


Mosaic is capable of monitoring several safety sensors and commands, such as safety light curtains, laser scanners, photocells, mechanical switches, mats, emergency stops, two-hand controls, concentrating management of these in a single, flexible device.

The MSD software, installed on a PC, can be used to create complex logical conditions using logical operators and safety functions, such as muting, timer, counters, memories, etc. via an easy, intuitive graphic configuration interface. Configuration data are transferred to the M1 unit via a USB link.

See the Mosaic Safety Designer video Tutorial

Mosaic offers numerous advantages compared with safety solutions based on traditional components, such as relay type safety modules, as it:

  • Reduces the number of components and therefore footprint and wiring. Promotes faster electrical cabinet construction.
  • Affords the necessary logical configuration using a single, simple programming software, facilitating modifications by machine designers.
  • Makes it possible to set up tamper-proof safety systems.
  • Simplifies machine maintenance through the MCM memory card, which can be used to transfer the configuration program to a new Mosaic in just a few simple steps.
Safety speed monitoring

Expansion module for safety speed monitoring (up to PLe) for: zero speed control, max. speed, speed range and direction.

  • Up to 4 logically selectable speed thresholds (freely configurable via MSD) for each logical output (axis).
  • Each module includes two logical outputs configurable via MSD and is therefore able to control up to two independent axes.
  • RJ-45 (1 for MV1, 2 for MV2) connectors for encoders and terminal blocks for proximity switches.
  • Max. input frequency (encoders): 500 KHz (300 KHz for HTL).
  • Max. input frequency (proximity): 5 KHz.

See the Safety speed monitoring video Tutorial


Mosaic is a modular, configurable safety controller for protecting machines or plants. Mosaic is capable…